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Project: Unifarm

Role: UX/UI Design, project owner

Duration: Sep - Feb 2018

Project objective

The limitation of farming resources, fewer promotions and lack of knowledge will reduce the people's desire of farming. Unifarm, a smart and intelligent product, including mobile application, watch and smart device, to engage the people to farm and make farming more interactive. Providing a platform for people to share their experience, make our city to be Unifarm.

Defining the user's need

We can understand more reasons behind the user's mind after the interview. There are lots of reasons why they don't want to try farming in the city. Therefore, we categorized them into 5 areas like personal, economic, environmental, social and political factors. To see which area we should get more focus on to develop.

User Journey Map

With the user journey map, we can understand more about the user's pain point during the activity. Pick up the persona and picture what is the actually facing, and also draw their emotion into the map. We found that most of the users' thoughts it is so hard to find land which is available in the city and it avoid them to join. That reminds us the important pain point of user.



After we understand the user's problem, we start thinking what feature should includes in the application. For example, if user is feeling hard to find a land, our app should include the function of finding a land and make a reservation online. Then, we start picture what other pages in the app by doing the lo-fi wireframe.

Feature 1: Find a nearby land

Although most of the users would like to participate in urban farming, it is hard to have a convenient way to make a reservation. With this pain point, we created a map view feature for finding the nearby land and checking the information on that land. The more land information in the app, the users are willing to join farming with more understanding before the activity.

Feature 2: Farming tutorials

Farming is a long term activity, people need to spent time on take care of the plant. However, city people don't have much time to keep monitoring the plant status. But what if we can remote cares to the plant and track the plant status everytime? With using the app, user can getting started easily. They can just scan the QR code and access to the land, all the data likes temperture / humanity can be viewed in app.

Feature 3: Bartering

When the plant growing, people will have the thought like - what to plant next time? or should I continue to plant? In order to encourage people to keep planting in long term, there is a function of bartering in which exchange the food when harvested. People can check with all available fresh food shared by other farmer - enjoy the happiness!

Over 80+ UI 

Thanks for watching.

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