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Project: Travel Cafe

Role: UI & UX Design

Duration: Sep - Feb 2018

Project objective

Companies spend millions to create brochures and distribute them. By having a online transformation, you can skip it completely. Your potential customers can get to know you and any of your products online. There, we offer a effective way to promote own business and share the same interest with more and more people.

App wireframe

Loyalty rewards app is important for the brand. The way to keep users coming back is the app, its features, and the bold moves that the coffee chain has made to make the app a “must have” item for consumers. With using the Travel Cafe app, the user can browse the information through the “New”, “Promotion”, “Events” and “Profile”. Therefore, the app improve the convenience of viewing information and provide the portable experience to them.


Name tag for profession

The Personal Name Tags simply provide the name of the user and the city he/she came from. It aims to encourage other customers in the Travel Cafe to ask for more information and ultimately start a conversation with strangers. The Personal Name Tags are another example of our conversation starters. The tags can be either tied to the Profession Mug for dine-in customers or written on the sleeve of the coffee cup for takeaway customers.

Mug for profession

The Profession Mugs are one of our design for starting conversations. We divide the professions into three categories: Design Explorer, Technical Expert and Business Elite. Each profession has a unique mug design for others to quickly identify their expertise. Preferably, startup entrepreneurs would look for professionals from other fields through this method. It is also a quick way to understand the composition of a team during business meetings.

Gift card

Gift cards are a preferred option for both the recipient and the person purchasing the gift. They are easy to buy, convenient to send to someone special and most appreciated by the person who receives the present.


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