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Project: Unifarm

Role: UX/UI Design, project owner

Duration: Sep - Feb 2018

Project Objective

To promote the habit of recycling bottles, increase public awareness of plastic pollution and encourage people to bring their own bottle

Existing Problem

Produce a lot of waste

Over 5,000,000 plastic bottles are thrown away in Hong Kong every day

Waste cannot be recycled

Only 16,000 to 94,000 (7.6%) plastic bottles waste are collected daily by recycling trailers

Participatory Workshop

Participants are having different experiences such as classifying the plastic bottle, sharing their experiences, and experiencing the installation. During the demo part, the participant can through drawing, speak to express their feeling and opinion. Therefore, we can understand what they need in the reality.

There are not enough creation time in the previous PD workshop. Lacking creation is no different with user test, instead of finding the ideal way from the participant. We improve the flow of the workshop that creating the music with any plastic materials in order to relax and get into our topic. Then, the participant will experience the role play and installation, we encourage them to think and create anything about plastic recycling. That information can help us improve our design.

Don't forget the others!

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