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Project: Decktics

Role: UX/UI Design, project owner

Duration: Sep - Feb 2018

Project objective

Our project is going to offer a solution to the type 2 diabetic who has just been diagnosed with diabetes. Hong Kong middle-aged patients have a lack of information on the method in diabetes health management. To help the people with diabetes live with illness and manage their health care through the game-based journey. Our project will provide the get-started kit set that combines gaming and horticultural treatment. Therefore, people with diabetes can handle the health problem in a fun way. This product will make a significant difference to new diabetic suffers.


The long-term decrease is a serious problem in the world, many of patient are looking for the best health treatment. Mostly, the patient has their “To do list”, such as medicine, home care, diet..etc. We team try to design a useful solution instead of the app reminder or health management for the patient. However, there is much long-term decease and we need to concentrate on one illness.

User Story

User Journey

Build positive emotions and change the behavior through the horticultural treatment process in order to have self-management of the illness.

Information Architecture


Finish the mission by scanning the QR code on the mission card, the record will send to the app system. Then, it will generate the current mission status such as “Finished”, “Started” and “Upcoming”, by showing this information, user can follow up the treatment process and remind them to do the mission.

80+ UI Preview

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