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Project: 9Gag Redesign

Role: UX/UI Design, project owner

Duration: Oct 2021

Project objective

This project aims to suggest new enhancements to the current design, asking for the user's feedback and designing the solution for a better user experience. The redesign process will go through user interviews, data analysis, and ideation.

Persona A: New user

User story: Anna is a new user of 9gag app, who look for the best way to get started so that she can read the animal related feed from others.

Persona B: Active user

User story: Leo is an active user of 9gag app, who look for the new service enhancement so that he can use keep using the app longer.


Persona A:

Anna is a new user of 9gag who needs a good start after downloading the app because she can handle the app more easily.


Persona B:

Leo is a regular user of 9gag who needs user credit because he takes care of user self-generated content which is protected, and some service enhancement also.

Finding out the usability issues

1. No chance for select her favorite category before entering the homepage


“This is my first time meeting with the 9gag app, but a little bit confused about the default setting is showing a Funny post when I finished my account registration. I hope there is a chance for me to set my preference before the default setting”

2. Always question why I have to allow permission for app tracking


“This is a question always in my mind - why the app always requires me to allow tracking? I don’t know why I need to accept those requests”

3.1 Lack of the author credit/username near the post


“I was confused about who wrote the post on my first time using this app because it only shows the category like Funny, and Animals, it feels like the post is sent by official 9gag. I want my post can display my username and tell others - this picture is taken by me. It proud me a lot hahaha”

3.2 Not able to check the history


“Sometimes I read a lot of news feeds, but it is hard to find history that didn’t save when I want to check the specific post. I can only scroll back to the old post, it spends a lot of time…”

Proposed solutions

1. Topic preference selection

2. Popup page of reasons why we require app tracking

3. Add a username near the topic on each the post

4. History page

5. UI enhancement: Menu, advanced filter 

{ Wireframe }
Proposed solutions for Persona A

{ Prototype }

The new user can select their favourite topics after finish the account registration


{ Wireframe }
Proposed solutions for Persona B

{ Prototype }

Easy insert the category label during posting and editor name added near the post

Support check history feature

That's it.
Thanks for watching.

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